Our Values

We passionately subscribe to Management Guru, Peter Drucker’s words of wisdom “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. The following are our 10 core principles:


We are passionate about Customer Satisfaction. We are Customer Obsessed, we believe this goal trumps almost anything else we do.


We practice the Golden Rule – treat people the way you want to be treated.


We have an “All Remote” work model. While this does impose considerable organizational challenges, make up for it through over-communication. In addition, we leverage it to hire the best talent anywhere in the world.


We practice radical candor – we believe that is the best way to get to add value to each other and our stakeholders.


We practice constant learning – we believe this is the only way to survive, thrive and add value to our clients.


We believe we are stronger as a team than as individuals and remind ourselves that there is NO “I” in Team or Customer or Success.


Our team members take ownership and strive to make an impact in everything we do. We act with purpose and urgency.


We debate, often disagree on key issues and strive to bring together diverse views and opinions, but once we decide, we commit to seeing through the execution. We believe A+ execution with a B- strategy trumps B- execution with an A+ strategy.


We focus on frugal innovation and execution so that we are fair to our stakeholders (customers, investors, and partners) and can deliver more value to them.


Customer Confidentiality is sacrosanct.