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Cloud Security

Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) - Continuous Enforcement on your

Get detailed forensics, logs, alerts, and telemetry of the attack violations in real-time with a Zero Trust Policy; automatically!


On-prem, public, private and hybrid cloud workload protection platform (CWPP)

Comprehensive CWPP security to address advanced Zero Day attacks. We deliver inline mitigation, key to Zero Trust security [unlike others who deliver post-attack mitigation]

  • Inline Prevention as opposed to Post Attack Mitigation

  • Runtime Container Image Scan
  • Audit / Forensics
  • Runtime Applications Behaviour
  • Runtime Applications Hardening
  • Network Micro-segmentation 
  • Securing the Secrets Manager
  • Identify sensitive data, network exposure and vulnerable workloads
  • Protect container environments and serverless workloads (incl. Kubernetes)

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How does our cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) work?

  • We profile and create a baseline of policies by observing the application (and network) graph
  • We deliver Ongoing observability as the workload interacts with the host operating system and other workload
  • We enforce security policies using Kernel Primitives

CWPP Security with Detailed forensics and Inline Remediation

AccuKnox is a core contributor to popular CNCF Open Source project, KubeArmor. KubeArmor leverages eBPF for observability of Application Behavior and LSMs (Linux Security Modules) for enforcement/in-line mitigation from unknown Zero Day attacks.

Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) is anchored on KuberArmor and delivers critical capabilities that are needed to deliver Zero Trust run-time security at scale. Some of these include:

Automated Zero Trust policy generation

Prioritization of vulnerabilities 

SIEM/SOAR, Gitops, ITSM integration

Continuous Compliance

Un-supervised learning based Anomaly Detection

Elevate Your Cloud's Security Posture with AccuKnox CWPP

  • Gain observability into workloads with a network graph view. 
  • Auto-Discover application and network behavior. 
  • Ensure compliance and harden security with renowned frameworks like MITRE, NIST, CIS, PCI-DSS. 
  • Identify known vulnerabilities, minimizing the risk of exploitation. 
  • Enable network microsegmentation, isolating workloads for enhanced protection. 
  • Safeguard critical assets with robust file integrity monitoring. 
  • Seamlessly integrate with SIEM/SOAR platforms, notification
  • systems, and ticketing tools.


AccuKnox CWPP provides micro-segmentation at the lowest possible granularity level which is also the smallest execution unit in Kubernetes i.e. pods.

Our CWPP solution helps you to identify process execution requests from the pods, network connections the pods are trying to make internally or externally, and the system the pods are accessing.

By observing the behavior of a particular pod and restricting that behavior so that it functions according to the expected flow of process/events/traffic, one can develop a least permissive security posture from creating whitelisting policies and auditing/denying everything else.

KubeArmor is a security solution for Kubernetes and cloud-native applications that helps protect your workloads from attacks and threats.

By providing a set of hardening policies that are based on industry-leading compliance and attack frameworks such as CIS, MITRE, NIST-800-53, STIGs, and 30+ compliances.

These policies are designed to help you secure your workloads in a way that is compliant with these frameworks and recommended best practices.

Accuknox CWPP solution provides a Discovery Engine agent that assesses the security posture of your workloads and auto-discovers the policy-set required to put the workload in least-permissive mode.

Our CWPP tool also provides a Shared Informer Agent which collects information about clusters like pods, nodes, namespaces, etc.

The Policy Discovery Engine discovers the policies using the workload and cluster information that is relayed by the Shared Informer Agent.

AccuKnox supports

  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  • AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Kubernetes – Fully supported; refer to supported distributions
  • Serverless – Fargate and ECS supported


With AccuKnox, you can set up monitoring for assets or groups of assets to get alerts for changes observed in their Metadata (software version, etc.)

Our Drift detection capability is inherently doing monitoring of the compliance checks (pass/fail) that have changed between scans.

We collect alerts and telemetry generated by Kubearmor and Cilium. These alerts are part of our CWPP offering. These alerts are generated for the events that have violated/complied with a policy.

For these alerts, you can have notifications enabled as well through channels like Slack, email, etc.