Defend Zero Day Attacks

Garner holistic visibility across development and deployment life cycle. Mitigate risks proactively to foil attacks with our most advanced and sophisticated CNAPP product.

Open Source

AccuKnox is the first 5G Security-ORAN to be published on Nephio

From fortifying the control plane to addressing vulnerabilities in the data plane, read the white paper and discover the crucial steps we need to take in order to enhance the security of 5G networks.

Cloud Native Security Redefined

Accelerate your cloud journey with our battle-tested expertise, delivering a comprehensive zero trust framework that safeguards cloud infrastructure and applications from targeted attacks.

Open Source

KubeArmor is now certified Redhat Openshift Operator

Embracing the Power of Open Source: We are proud to contribute to the open-source community, allowing businesses to leverage the strength of KubeArmor to safeguard their containerized environments.


Open-source offerings for flexible security

The first K8s Security Engine to leverage BPF-LSM

AccuKnox provides one of the industry’s most comprehensive and integrated CNAPP solution which brings together multiple disparate security modules.

DevSecOps empowering OpenSource Project: KubeArmor

Discover KubeArmor, the renowned open-source project developed by AccuKnox and donated to CNCF. This cutting-edge runtime security solution has gained widespread recognition and adoption among top Global 1000 companies and Cloud Native Unicorns.

KubeArmor github repo can be accessed here

Unleashing Cloud-Native Runtime Security: The KubeArmor Advantage

KubeArmor stands out as a one-of-a-kind cloud-native runtime security enforcement system. With its exceptional capabilities, KubeArmor effectively restricts the behavior of pods, containers, and nodes at the system level, ensuring robust protection.

Harnessing the Power of Linux Security Modules: Unmatched Policy Enforcement

KubeArmor harnesses the strength of Linux security modules such as AppArmor, SELinux, or BPF-LSM to enforce user-specified policies. This advanced technology forms the backbone of KubeArmor’s powerful policy enforcement mechanism.
KubeArmor OpenSource vs AccuKnox Enterprise
AccuKnox Runtime Security Features KubeArmor
Open Source
Observability into the workload at granular level
In-line remediation for Zero Day Attacks
Manual apply of Security Policies using CLI
Integration to SIEM for security events and Notification tool
Network security using CNI
Auto-Discovered Behavioural Policies
Recommendation of Hardening Policies based on standard compliance framework – MITRE, NIST, PCI-DSS, CIS
Inventory View of Application
Network Graph View of the Application
Network Microsegmentation in the application
Hardening of the Secrets Managers like Hashicorp Vault, CyberArk Conjur
GitOps based Version Control for Policy Lifecycle Management
Rollback of recently changed Policy governing App Behavior
On-the-fly detection of change in App Behavior through Policies
Multi-Tenant, Multi-Cluster, RBAC for user-management
Comprehensive Dashboard across workloads running in
Managed/Unmanaged Cluster, Containerized environment, VM or Bare Metal
Integration with Registries for Container Image Vuln Scan
Telemetry aggregation (Process executed, File accessed, Network connections made) and Alerts events (Audit, Block)