Agentless CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) Platform

AccuKnox CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) tool leverages agentless technology to deliver advanced cloud security. Our CSPM tool proactively identifies, prioritizes vulnerabilities, and delivers continuous compliance

Gain complete visibility into your cloud security posture

  • Detect and remediate misconfigurations
  • Ensure compliance with security regulations and streamline reporting
  • Remediate known vulnerabilities, thwarting exploitation risks
  • Continuously monitor and audit your cloud environment, swiftly detecting drift violations
  • Seamlessly integrate with SIEM/SOAR platforms

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Compliance, Drift Detection & Vulnerability Scanning with Advanced CSPM Tool

In the shared security model, while the hyperscalers deliver basic security, it is incumbent on customers to provide robust security for their applications.

AccuKnox builds upon the security capabilities that hyperscalers offer and delivers advanced CSPM tool by delivering multi cloud and multi cluster cloud asset protection.


  • Multi-Cloud Support, Single Dashboard O&M, Consolidated Overview
  • Complete visibility into entire Infrastructure & Application
  • Misconfigurations detection 
  • Ability to leverage or define custom Baseline for Compliance
  • Continuous compliance trends for your resources and workloads
  • Detect sensitive assets
  • Vulnerability scan with respect to SAST, SCA, DAST with Runtime context to secure applications
  • De-duplication and risk based prioritization of vulnerabilities
  • Automated Issue tracking and management workflow
  • Proactive monitoring and notified for alerts on configuration change
  • Empower, Secure & Excel your Code → Cloud security
  • Comprehensive Reporting for third party audits (3PAO)
  • Manage full lifecycle of security processes not just identification

CSPM provided by HyperScalers

  • Cloud Asset Inventory
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Secrets Manager & IAM Policies
  • Container Security
  • Vulnerabilities as part of SCA, SAST but without runtime context