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AccuKnox Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) – Full Transparency into Cloud-Native Apps

Cloud security is still the Wild West for many organizations. Misconfigurations and gaps in visibility lead to breaches, while the complex landscape makes manual monitoring near-impossible. This ebook explores how AccuKnox overcomes these roadblocks through continuous automation and alignment with industry standards. Discover what true cloud transparency looks like. We cover everything from handling configurations to drift detection, continuous compliance, reporting, and governance.

Spotlights the AccuKnox Cloud Security Posture Management solution. See how our agentless technology delivers proactive security across the cloud.

What’s Inside This E-Book?

  • The AccuKnox Difference: Understand the agentless foundation behind this advanced CSPM and what sets it apart in identifying risks.
  • Centralized Visibility: Journey through the intuitive dashboard for complete visibility into assets, risks, and changes.
  • Going Beyond Hyperscalers: While offerings exist, AccuKnox solves cloud security in a truly multi-cloud way. See where the leading platforms fall short.
  • Purpose-Built Features: From code scanning to drift detection and more, AccuKnox provides purpose-built capabilities for cloud-native security.
  • Operationalizing Cloud Security: Get insider details on how AccuKnox brings order to the cloud chaos through automation and easy integrations.

AccuKnox Cloud Security Posture Management—see your cloud environment clearly and secure it completely with proactive, optimized protection. CSPM addresses the basic foundational “must have” elements of Cloud Security. Every organization needs to have one. 

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