Unified Zero Trust Cloud Security Platform

Zero Trust Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

AccuKnox provides one of the industry’s most comprehensive and integrated CNAPP solutions which brings together multiple disparate security modules such as AppSec, Cloud security, and Runtime security capabilities [CSPM, ASPM, CIEM, CWPP, KIEM] into a single platform focused on identifying, prioritizing and mitigating cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. AccuKnox is anchored on our Open Source CNCF Project, KubeArmor. We provide an Agentless approach to deliver Cloud Security; the most open and powerful, eBPF [Extended Berkeley Packet Filter] to deliver advanced run-time security.


AccuKnox Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) Leverages agentless technology to revolutionize cloud security by proactively identifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities and providing a seamless orchestration and management platform



Runtime Protection Reinvented: AccuKnox Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) has a differentiated solution built for runtime security, namely, KubeArmor (open source, now a part of CNCF sandbox project) which leverages eBPF for observability of App Behavior and LSMs for enforcement/in-line mitigation from unknown Zero Day attacks


“Build to Runtime” Security

AccuKnox AppSec offers a unique solution, seamlessly integrating open source and commercial security scanning tools. Our flexible security posture approach efficiently prioritizes critical vulnerabilities, ensuring a comprehensive protection journey from code to cloud


IoT/Edge Sec

AccuKnox offers a comprehensive security solution that provides benefits from its kernel-level runtime security enforcement and container-aware observability for unparalleled protection.

Some of the most popular project AccuKnox has led:
1. LF 5G Superblueprint – SEDIMENT Project
2. IBM Open Horizon Edge Workload Protection


Zero Trust 5G Security

AccuKnox has partnered with SRI International to provide advanced 5G Security for a variety of deployment models.