Driving transformation of cloud security through relentless innovation

AccuKnox was founded in Aug 2020 in partnership with SRI International with the following goals.

Deliver Zero Trust security solutions to protect Private and Public Clouds

Offer these solutions in an Open Source led, DevSecOps powered model

Leverage the power and potential of global talent pool and operate in an “All Remote” model

We have delivered on some of these:

  • We are core contributors to CNCF Project, KubeArmor . KubeArmor has achieved 600,000+ downloads and a strong community has rallied around it
  • Our Zero Trust CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platform), AccuKnox has been very well received to protect Public and Private Cloud environments
  • With Kubernetes emerging as the most durable and pervasive platforms for workload orchestration, we are well poised to protect workloads across Cloud, Edge/IoT and 5G platforms
  • We have a very capable team of 65+ professionals globally working to deliver on our goals
  • We have incredibly supportive investors who are our partners in delivering on these objectives

We are hard at work to deliver to our commitments to our Customers, Employees, Partners, Investors and Open Source community. We are at Mile 1 in an incredibly exciting marathon ahead.