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Deal Registration

AccuKnox is intensely committed to innovation, market leadership, customer satisfaction, and professional and ethical conduct. AccuKnox is fully committed to ensuring a “win-win” relationship with its partners who share the same ethos.

Partners are eligible for Deal Registration Discounts. A Partner may only submit a “Qualified Opportunity” for a Partner-Sourced Deal Registration – i.e., an opportunity for which the Partner can demonstrate it has worked with the Customer to scope and qualify as genuine and likely to mature to closure within the Deal Registration Period (as defined below). An opportunity remains a “Qualified Opportunity” from the start of the sales cycle for so long as the Partner is “actively engaged” in the opportunity, as demonstrated by the following:

  • The partner has identified the business qualifications: the Customer’s project name and scope, budget, use cases, interest in AccuKnox products, and full Customer details.
  • Partner has completed research on the opportunity.
  • Partner has documented a realistic plan with the Customer to close the opportunity within the Deal Registration Period.

Prospects registered in this program will receive an additional discount of 5%.


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Partner-Sourced Deal Registration Approval

AccuKnox considers each application for a Partner-Sourced Deal Registration against the following criteria to approve or deny a Partner-Sourced Deal Registration:

Partners with an approved Deal Registration are expected to manage the sales process including but not limited to the following:

Meeting with the Customer’s decision-makers, working with the Customer to define the Customer’s requirements, performing demos and/or proof of concepts, providing pre-sales technical support, and managing all quoting to the Customer.

  • Partner is first to attempt a Partner-Sourced Deal Registration for the opportunity
  • The Deal Registration submission is complete (no missing information)
  • It is a qualified opportunity, and the Partner has been actively engaged in significant qualifying activities.
  • There is not an existing Deal Registration nor has AccuKnox assigned the same opportunity to another Partner
  • AccuKnox is not already working the opportunity directly or indirectly through a 3rd party referral agent
  • The Partner brings demonstrable value to the opportunity, including:
  • Partner’s sales and technical expertise with AccuKnox products
  • Historical selling relationship between Partner and the Prospect

Deal Registration Review

The AccuKnox Deal Registration Desk reviews all Partner-Sourced Deal Registration applications. The Partner is notified within two business days:

  • Approve: If Partner approves a Deal Registration, it is valid for 90 days  (the “Deal Registration Period”, can be extended by mutual consent).
  • Investigate: Occasionally, AccuKnox may need more than two business days to review an application for a Partner Sourced Deal Registration. Investigation status may add up to three business days to AccuKnox’s response time.
  • Reject: If AccuKnox rejects an attempted Partner-Sourced Deal Registration, AccuKnox will provide the reason for the rejection as part of its notice.

Deal Registration Period

If at the end of the Deal Registration Period, the Reseller needs additional time to close the opportunity, the Reseller may request an extension. AccuKnox may grant an extension requested by the Reseller. This is in  AccuKnox’s sole discretion. There are no limitations on the number of extensions.


At the end of the Deal Registration Period or an extension, the Partner-Sourced Deal Registration will expire if the sales stage still needs to be updated for the opportunity and the Partner has not requested or AccuKnox has not approved an additional extension.