Defend Zero Day Attacks

Garner holistic visibility across development and deployment life cycle. Mitigate risks proactively to foil attacks with our most advanced and sophisticated CNAPP product.

Open Source

AccuKnox is the first 5G Security-ORAN to be published on Nephio

From fortifying the control plane to addressing vulnerabilities in the data plane, read the white paper and discover the crucial steps we need to take in order to enhance the security of 5G networks.

Cloud Native Security Redefined

Accelerate your cloud journey with our battle-tested expertise, delivering a comprehensive zero trust framework that safeguards cloud infrastructure and applications from targeted attacks.

Open Source

KubeArmor is now certified Redhat Openshift Operator

Embracing the Power of Open Source: We are proud to contribute to the open-source community, allowing businesses to leverage the strength of KubeArmor to safeguard their containerized environments.


We take great pride in our highly innovative and creative team members who are focused on innovations in every aspect of Zero Trust Security:

  1. How do you discover what assets need to be secured
  2. How do you develop Zero Trust policies for Cloud, Edge, 5G environments
  3. How do you understand the vulnerabilities in an ephemeral and transient workload context
  4. How do you deploy Zero Trust policies
  5. How do you ensure continuous compliance

This has resulted in the following patents (some of them are provisional), others have been issued:

  1. Policy specification and management for containerized workloads
  2. System and method for specifying and managing pre-defined policies for containerized workloads
  3. In-kernel event auditor
  4. Automated data access policy generation in heterogenous database environments
  5. Sensitive Data Flow Tracking in Container-based Environments using Unified Forensic Streams
  6. Sensitive Data Flow Tracking in Container-based Environments using Trusted Brokered Transactions-based Provenance Graphs
  7. Identity Solution for Containerized Workloads