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AccuKnox Design Partnership Program

Become a Design Partner with AccuKnox

We look to work with visionaries, early adopters, tech leaders in advancing the state of art in Zero Trust Security through our design partnership program. This is a highly collaborative, interactive and structured approach where we ideate critical problems facing the industry and come up with creative solutions. We further vet and validate these solutions with a broader group of industry participants.  We further proceed to prototyping, architecture, engineering, development. Our design partners partake in concept validation, Alpha, Beta process resulting in better product quality and more efficient process

What do your Customers Gain?

Our customers derive the following:

  • Gain early access to leading edge products
  • Preferential pricing
  • Being a part of a highly esteemed and visionary group which helps them in their professional duties and careers
  • Advisory stock options [assuming there is no conflict of interest and such issues have been cleared by their employer]
  • Partake in CAB [Customer Advisory Board]
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