AccuKnox (vs) Wiz

Compelling Reasons to Choose AccuKnox over Wiz

Unlike Wiz, which lacks critical modules like Inline Prevention, AccuKnox offers a comprehensive Cloud Native Application Security Platform (CNAPP), that ensures 100% prevention from advanced "Zero-Day" attacks. Powered by inline runtime security, AccuKnox stops threats before they happen and takes action at cloud speed.


Cloud Run Time Security

Industry Standard (eBPF) Based Kernel Telemetry

Inline Security (as opposed to post-attack mitigation)

Industry Standard (LSM) Based Security Enforcement

Static Security

Inventory Management

AWS, Azure, GCP Inventory Assessment

AWS, Azure, GCP Inventory Assessment


Misconfiguration detection based on CIS Benchmark

Misconfiguration detection based on CIS Benchmark

Drift Detection

Support of Baseline for Drift Detection

Minimal IaC security, drift detection and no autoremediation at the source. They can only detect secrets but after deployment of resources.


Proactive monitoring of grouped assets with alerts

Proactive monitoring of grouped assets with alerts


Technical (such as STIG, CIS, MITRE, NIST) or governance (such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS) Compliance


Technology Integration

Leverages wide range of scanners (opensource & commercial) for container security, static code analysis, host hardening, WebApp security, CIS, K8s Benchmarking

Not Supported

Vulnerabilities Management

Segregation of False Positives, least priority, not applicable vulnerabilities from Active ones

Segregation of False Positives, least priority, not applicable vulnerabilities from Active ones

Risk Assessment

Images Risk Assessment and Prioritization based on Vulnerabilities

Scan images of running containers for vulnerabilities, malware, exposed secrets, and misconfigurations using agentless scanning.


Repo Scan - ECR, GCR, Nexus, DockerHub

Regularly scan images in container registries to detect vulnerabilities and security risks before deployment to the runtime environment


Remediation with auto-ticket creation, bulk ticketing, comment-analysis on the ticket. Ticketing integration - Jira Cloud/Server, FreshService, ConnectWise

Partially Supported - With No Automation


Community Support

KubeArmor: 500,000+ downloads… 50,000+ a month and growing (global leaders consuming and contributing)

Runtime Security


Suse, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, Rocky Linux, AWS Raspberry Pi; K8s - on-prem (k3s, microk8s, kubeadm), GKE, AKS, OKE, Bottlerocket, IBM, Graviton, Rancher, Openshift, Oracle Ampere; Vm/BareMetal

VMs, containers, serverless, and PaaS – and offers full feature support across AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, and OpenShift.


Leveraging eBPF for Deep Observability

Not supported

Application Behavior

Model app behavior of Process execs, File System accesses, Service binds, Ingress, Egress connections

Not supported

Automatic Policies

Auto-Discover of Security Policies contextual to the workloads behavior

Not supported

Inline Mitigation

Dynamically detect change in app behavior & an option to accept or deny that change

Not supported

Runtime Enforcement

Leverage LSMs (AppArmor, SELinux, BPF-LSMs) to do enforcement

Limited CWPP Features (no runtime)

Workload Hardening

In-line remediation for Zero Day Attacks such as LSMs leveraged for blocking process before its execution

Limited CWPP Features (no runtime)

Hardening Policies

Auto - Recommendation of Hardening Policies based on standard compliance framework - MITRE, NIST, PCI-DSS, CIS

Not Supported Built-in rules and create custom rules using OPA’s Rego querying language

Policy Lifecycle Management

Rollback of version of Policy governing App Behavior

Not supported


Alerts & Logs based on violation of Policies and unknown/malicious action with K8s and kernel event context

Not supported


K8s context stitched with kernel events for traceability. Assess Cloud Accounts as well

Limited Kubernetes context (can’t understand Pods, namespaces, services, deployment, k8s API etc) No integration with K8s admission controllers to prevent vulnerabilities (only reactionary)

Network Microsegmentation

Microsegmentation control of the workload

Not supported

File Integrity Monitoring

Support for FIM

Not supported

Enterprise Grade Features

Multi Tenancy, RBAC, Audit Trail, MFA, Integration with Notification, Ticketing & SIEM tools

Exposes API, integration with ticketing system

Cluster Benchmarking

Cluster Benchmarking : Kube Bench; Node, Service : Kube Hunter, Cluster & Kube Role : Kube-RBAC

Not supported

Container Security

Container Security: To be able to secure vulnerabilities in the container image or runtime environment

Scan container images in the CI/CD pipeline

Container Runtime

Container Runtime Support : container, Docker, CRI-O

Not supported

Runtime Security

Runtime Security: To be able to adapt to application behavior changes and recommend least permissive security policy for security

Not supported


Support for SaaS solution as well as Onprem air-gapped deployment solution Agent - CWPP; Agentless - CSPM

Agentless for both CSPM & CWPP


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