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One of the First Gen-AI Powered CloudSecOps for

Honoring the Legacy of Ada Lovelace in Cloud Security

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (1815 – 1852) was an English mathematician and writer.


She was known for her work on Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer. She was the first to recognise that the machine had applications beyond pure calculation.


When it came to picking a name for our AI LLM powered Cloud Security Product, AskADA was the unanimous choice from our team members.


We seek inspiration from Ada and her achievements over 110+ years.

Do you know your Cloud Misconfigurations?

  • Ask Ada is designed to help users identify misconfigurations in their cloud assets.
  • It provides continuous monitoring and real-time threat intelligence to ensure the security and integrity of the valuable data and resources.
  • With its easy-to-use interface and actionable recommendations, users can maintain a secure and compliant cloud environment without extensive technical expertise.

What can Ask Ada do?

Incident Response Assistance

Insights Into Data Security

Proactive Vulnerability Detection

Instant CNAPP Metrics

Platform Specific Guidance

Get Response from Image

5 Major Problems “Ask Ada” can solve swiftly!

Due to increasing demand of simplifying Cloud Security, we at AccuKnox have trained and developed AI, that can solve problems such as:

  1. Onboard Cloud, K8s Cluster & Container Registry in AccuKnox
  2. Difficulties in finding the right “help documentation”
  3. Exploring the complex findings your cloud, cluster & container image assets
  4. Understanding any AccuKnox sub features such as CSPM, ASPM, CWPP, KIEM
  5. Solving the difficulty in finding out the Compliance Best Practices

Leverage KubeArmor Community's Knowledge Base

  • Have issues with Cloud, Cluster & Container configuration?
  • Do not know how to configure Reports?
  • Wondering how we secure Applications with automatic Policies?
  • Map the Critical vulnerabilities in my RDS & S3 Buckets?
  • Total findings from the AWS Inspector?
  • Discover vulnerabilities related to NVD in the SecurityHub?
  • Search for failed HIPAA compliances?
  • Ask no further. Ask Ada can do all things simplification!

Streamlined Insights

Ask Ada provides crucial accessibility support, ensuring that users can easily access information and services related to the platform and data.

Efficient Query Handling

Users can efficiently pose questions and receive information through the Ask Ada interface, streamlining the communication process.

Privacy Protection

The platform prioritizes user privacy, ensuring that sensitive information is handled securely and confidentially.

Simplified Interface

Ask Ada maintains a user-friendly interface, making it easy for tech teams to utilize AI provess.

Accessibility Standards

Ask Ada aligns with established accessibility standards, promoting a universal user interface.

Why should you try Ask Ada?

  • Minimize difficulty in onboarding 3 Cs of your infrastructure – Cloud, Cluster & Containers
  • Assists with compliance best practices.
  • Misconfiguration findings in minutes!
  • Aids in understanding complex vulnerabilities.
  • Reduce friction in the help docs navigation!
  • Provide compliance best practices from NIST, CIS, PCIDSS, STIG, SOC2, HIPPAA, GDPR



Vulnerability Remediations






Misconfiguration Detections