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Cloud Security

CNAPP Security For Your On-Premise Workloads

When it comes to securing On-Prem workloads with Zero Trust posture; it is a shared journey and not a destination to stop.

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What are you doing to secure your on-prem VM and containers?
Your local Kubernetes nodes require stringent security regulations and compliances, automated telemetry inspection and policy enforcement.

One of the first CNAPP to support On Premise Security

AccuKnox secures your on-prem as well as public cloud deployments and offers a comprehensive security solution. We secure deployments resilient.

Infrastructure-Agnostic Identity Assignment

AccKnox leverages Spiffe to identify and assign unique IDs to workloads, no matter where they are running. This helps you gain a complete overview of your assets inventory.


No hard coded credentials are required because services talk to each other using unique SPIFFE IDs enhancing the level of security.

Simplify Telemetry Collection

AccuKnox agents and KubeArmor offer a simplified process to manually install, configure and manage agents for on-prem workloads.

To start with, just deploy the agents into your target K8s clusters and VMs. Gain granular insights into your workload with our theLinux-native agents that leverage eBPF for kernel-level telemetry collection – all managed by a centralized control plane.


KubeArmor – Runtime Enforcer for K8s and VMs

No matter how you’ve configured your on-prem environment, our security enforcement agent, KubeArmor is here to protect you. KubeArmor fortifies your K8 clusters on a system level by leveraging standard Linux security modules. This means, the same tool has the ability to protect your VMs as well.

  • Observability
    Powered by eBPF and Spiffe, KubeArmor observes how, when and why files and other critical assets are accessed by processes and applications. It auto-detects ‘normal’ app behavior and creates a baseline of activities and accesses.
  • Enforcement
    Based on the observation, the engine enforces policies and reduces attack surface by restricting unnecessary processes, app behaviors and file access. KubeArmor leverages LSM to define allowed and disallowed actions and processes network communications.
  • Inline Mitigation
    KubeArmor proactively secures your on premise workload with real time enforcement of policies. This makes sure that your entire workload runs with the least permissive policy. Policy violations are logged. Above all, the engine takes rules-based access control to the next level by leveraging LSMs.

Secure On-Premise hosted in any data center

Shift your on-prem security scanning to the left and integrate AccuKnow with your CI/CD pipeline and establish a more proactive security posture. Take the shift-left approach to the next level by automating periodic scanning of container images as well! AccuKnox provides an intelligent dashboard listing all the vulnerabilities or weak security posture discovered in container images.

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Managing On-Prem Workload Gets Complex

Don’t Make It Harder By Manually Securing Your On-Prem Infrastructure!

Adopt AccuKnox.
Take On-Premise Security To Advanced and Sophisticated Levels.

You cannot secure what you cannot see.

Your most sensitive information is stored on endpoints and in the cloud. Protect what is most important from cyberattacks. Real-time autonomous protection for your network's edges.

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