Zero Trust
Cloud Native Application Protection

CNAPP that just works, from Build to Runtime.
See what your applications are really doing and Automatically generate Zero Trust, least privilege policies to continuously monitor and protect your Network, Application and Data.



Automating Zero Trust from Dev to Runtime

AccuKnox simplifies the process of securing your workloads against software supply chain issues, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malicious adversaries.

Legacy and non-cloud-native security tools, add complexity, costs and delays. AccuKnox simplifies the process, from development to runtime by:

Providing deep security observability into application behavior
Automating zero trust policy management
Continuous monitoring and compliance
Anomalous behavior detection
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AccuKnox starts with Security Observability, by discovering workloads and analyzing application behavior at the kernel level, including process, network, file access and auto-generates zero trust policies customized for each application.

We identify known issues, and recommend protections to implement guard rails to detect, protect and even contain attacks. This Policy-as-Code coupled and observability enable continuous compliance monitoring, incident detection and alerting.


Unified Security Policies across multi-environment and multi-cloud

Simplified policy as code in GitOps that enables visibility and enforcement across environments and clouds. From AppArmor, SELinux and SecComp to on-premise bare metal, and all major clouds.

Security Observability with Application Insights

Understand what your applications (and embedded software) are actually doing, including process execution, forking, network and file access. Detect changes and risky behavior in dev, staging and production.

Vulnerability Scanning

Identify security vulnerabilities in images before they’re deployed, and implement appropriate policies to restrict their usage.

Continuous Monitoring

Implement policies in Audit mode to continuously monitor the workloads for deviations from NIST, PCI and other standards. Get high-value, actionable alerts for your SecOps team – or enforce Runtime Security and implement guard rails for risky behavior.

Runtime Security

Quickly and easily enforce least privileges policies for your application workloads. AccuKnox hardens the application, limiting process execution & forking, file & directory access, and even implements network segmentation and firewalling at layers 3, 4 and 7. These policies are automatically customized on a per-workload basis and can be instrumented in your GitOps workflow.

AI-driven Anomaly Detection

Developed in partnership with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), our advanced AI successfully detects a variety of anomalous and malicious activity, including cryptomining, ransomware and more.

Run Securely Anywhere

Monitor and protect your workloads however and wherever they run: In Containers, Kubernetes, virtual machines, or bare metal. In private, public, hybrid cloud, edge or IoT, or even within 5G infrastructure.

High-performance Agentless Approach

AccuKnox is a high-performance solution that leverages existing linux kernel primitives at the host level to monitor app behavior and enforce security policies. And by automating policy discovery and deployment, LSMs like AppArmor and SELinux can be extremely powerful.

CNCF supported OpenSource, KubeArmor

KubeArmor is an official CNCF project, originally developed by AccuKnox and open sourced.

Zero Trust for Network, Application and Data

AccuKnox simplifies the process of securing your workloads against software supply chain issues, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malicious adversaries. Our open source and enterprise solutions protect the Application, the Data and the Network.

Built on open source

Group 23-3


KubeArmor is a container-aware runtime security enforcement system that restricts the realtime behavior of containers at the system level.

Group 27041


Cilium is an eBPF-based Networking, Observability, and Security Tool for Kubernetes environments across cloud and on-premises infrastructure.


Auto discovery

Auto Discovery is a policy recommendation system that suggests network and system policies based network and syscalls being made from your application.

Policies Manager

Policy templates

Community curated list of System and Network policy templates for the KubeArmor and Cilium.


Empowering DevSecOps teams


Gain critical insights into application behavior, validating 3rd party and open source software concerns

Address concerns from security via GitOps – without meetings

Enable security teams to implement specific controls with full visibility and approvals


Set baseline security policies that move with workloads

Gain Security Visibility into changes in vulnerabilities and attack surface

Get real-time alerts to security incidents

Validate compliance with PCI, CIS Standards Quickly and confidently respond to CVEs and zero-day fire drills


Accelerate release cycles and reduce complexity of coordinating security and code changes

Automate and orchestrate workflows

Improve uptime and reliability with real-time telemetry

Agentless deployment reduces costs & complexity

What Security Experts are saying

  • "Zero Trust run-time Cloud Security has become an organizational imperative for Companies and Governments. Accuknox' highly differentiated appraoch, their eBPF foundations and their seminal innovations developed in partnership with Stanford Research Institute [SRI] positions them very well to deliver a highly efficient Zero Trust Cloud Security platform"

    Frank Dickson
    Vice President
    Security and Trust, IDC

  • "Run-time Cloud Security is extremely important to detect Zero Day attacks, Bitcoin Miners, DDOS attacks, etc. Accuknox delivers a critical component of the CWPP (Cloud Workload Protection Platform). Their ability to deliver Network, Application and Data Security makes Accuknox a unique and differentiated offering"

    Chris DePuy
    Technology Analyst
    650 Group Analyst.

  • "Accuknox' foundational capabilities are innovative in the areas specific to Kubernetes security. By combining technologies like un-supervised Machine Learning and Data Provenance Accuknox is positioned to deliver a comprehensive and robust cloud native Zero-Trust security platform to their customers."

    Chase Cunningham
    Renowned Cyber Security Analyst and Zero-Trust expert


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