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Forrester Recommendations and AccuKnox CNAPP Compliance

AccuKnox’s Forrester-Backed Compliance for Cloud Security

This whitepaper looks into AccuKnox’s core and extended capabilities and how they correspond to Forrester standards. Get insights into cloud security and tackle business and DevSecOp concerns. AccuKnox is the top choice of the CNAPP for enterprises looking to strengthen their cloud security posture.

What’s Included Inside?

  • This document is proof of concept about how we traverse the Cloudsec ecosystem as per Forrester’s recommendations.
  • Forrester Cloud Security analyzed security solutions for clients migrating to cloud-based data centers.
  • How AccuKnox provides Cloud Security solutions that address major business issues. We also cover DevSecOp challenges for a more secure cloud environment.
  • How our CNAPP solution addresses Vulnerability monitoring, compliance, account security, and workload security .
  • AccuKnox’s technology provides clarity and transparency. We list all the points of approach that allow us to meet Forrester’s recommendations for market CNAPP leaders.

This whitepaper evaluates AccuKnox’s compatibility with Forrester’s standards and recommendations. We focus on secure, efficient, and compliant cloud environments for digital transformation enterprises. Read the technical paper to learn more about AccuKnox’s many advantages.

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