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Dynamic Application Security Testing for Preventing Attacks

The goal is to find outcomes or results that were not expected and attackers can compromise an application. The DAST tools don’t have internal information about the application or the source code, they attack like an external hacker would.

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Get insights to secure against Threats, Hackers & Vulnerabilities

As a part of the CNAPP suite, we provide the ability to leverage black box testing with complete visibility to assets, proving the tool to be more efficient and effective.

Aggregate your DAST tools in One Dashboard

Our CNAPP solution automates application security testing by integrating commercial AppSec tools. This provides more context to your dynamic application security testing workflow.

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DAST Integration

AccuKnox CNAPP integrates DAST findings with ticketing tools, enabling more focused application security testing measures. By integrating dynamic application testing, you can improve risk assessment and decrease the likelihood of false positives.

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API Security Test

The unified user interface enables the ability to correlate the findings from API testing with the findings from other tools like SAST and data from the overall CNAPP platform.

DAST Best Practices in accordance with OWASP Top 10

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Top 10 Web App Security

AccuKnox proactively checks for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and provides single pane of glass visibility for the foll;

  • 1. Broken Access Control
  • 2. Cryptographic Failures
  • 3. Injection
  • 4. Insecure Design
  • 5. Security Misconfiguration
  • 6. Vulnerable and Outdated Components
  • 7. Identification and Authentication Failures
  • 8. Software and Data Integrity Failures
  • 9. Security Logging and Monitoring Failures
  • 10. Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)

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Top 10 API Security

AccuKnox proactively checks for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and provides single pane of glass visibility on the

  • 1. Broken Object Level Authorization
  • 2. Broken Authentication
  • 3. Broken Object Property Level Authorization
  • 4. Unrestricted Resource Consumption
  • 5. Broken Function Level Authorization
  • 6. Unrestricted Access to Sensitive Business Flows
  • 7. Server Side Request Forgery
  • 8. Security Misconfiguration
  • 9. Improper Inventory Management
  • 10. Unsafe Consumption of APIs

DAST Workflow

Dast Workflow

Zero Day Attacks cost $3.9M on average

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According to the latest IBM cloud attack report - Each cloud attack on an average costs $3.92M

Total Exposed Attacks in 2024 Costed

~$1.72 Billion
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