Defend Zero Day Attacks

Garner holistic visibility across development and deployment life cycle. Mitigate risks proactively to foil attacks with our most advanced and sophisticated CNAPP product.

Open Source

AccuKnox is the first 5G Security-ORAN to be published on Nephio

From fortifying the control plane to addressing vulnerabilities in the data plane, read the white paper and discover the crucial steps we need to take in order to enhance the security of 5G networks.

Cloud Native Security Redefined

Accelerate your cloud journey with our battle-tested expertise, delivering a comprehensive zero trust framework that safeguards cloud infrastructure and applications from targeted attacks.

Open Source

KubeArmor is now certified Redhat Openshift Operator

Embracing the Power of Open Source: We are proud to contribute to the open-source community, allowing businesses to leverage the strength of KubeArmor to safeguard their containerized environments.


Comprehensive Security Solution for Multi-Cloud and On-Premises


Asset Inventory
Baseline and Drift Detection
Container Security
Vulnerability Management

Asset Inventory

  • Identifies assets and provides visibility across a multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Associates misconfigurations and vulnerabilities with asset
  • Categorize assets in type of cloud resource and further allow assets to be in a customized group
  • Segregated assets based on different environments (dev/test or prod) and tagging


App Behavior
Application Microsegmentation
Network Microsegmentation
App Hardening

App Behavior

AccuKnox Runtime Security helps you discover the Application Behavior of the workloads running in Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or On-prem in VM/BareMetal or local Kubernetes orchestrated cluster or unorchestrated pure-containerized cluster.

AccuKnox auto-detects and recommends Behavioral Policies based on app observability

  • File system access for processes
  • Processes that are getting accessed
  • network access for certain process

Securing Secrets

Hashicorp Vault
Cyberark Conjur

Ransomware Attacks on HashiCorp Vault:

HashiCorp Vault helps organizations reduce the risk of breaches and data exposure with identity-based security automation and encryption as a service.

If any ransomware attacker tries to compromise the security of the pod and gets access to the vault pod, they can do a command injection and encrypt the secrets stored in the Volume mount points. Then the organizations have to pay millions of dollars to get back their secrets decrypted

Fortifying Vault with AccuKnox Security

AccuKnox helps in identifying default security posture when the vault is accessing the volume mount process concerning: –

  • Process that is accessing volume mount point
  • Path from where its getting accessed

Based on this behavior, we can restrict operation to these specific processes from a specific path. Hence, even in the case of a breach, any Remote Code Execution will be blocked instantly


5G Security

Problem Statement
How do we secure

Defend the Backbone: Fortify Your 5G Control Plane with AccuKnox Security

The most critical part of 5G is the control plane.

  • nRT-RIC (near-RealTime RIC) built on micro-ONOS using a microservice architecture hosted on Kubernetes (K8s).
  • SD-RAN control functions are containerized and deployed by Kubernetes as extensible workloads (or xApps).

While this fosters rapid innovation in the control plane it also poses challenges regarding the stability and security of deployed xApps such as:

  • Permissive process-level constraints
  • Authenticated identities
  • Data flow privacy
  • Comprehensive runtime monitoring

Zero Trust Edge Security

Network and Application perspective
Securing IBM Open Horizon

Zero Trust both from Network and Application perspective

  • Network: Only allow known entities to connect to the edge device, deny everything else.
  • Application: Only allow known processes to operate within the container, deny everything else.

Sensitive Data: Only allow known processes to access sensitive data

Securing IBM Open Horizon

  • Deployment Mode: Systemd mode
  • Observability:
    • From Agent node to Management Hub (and vice-versa)
    • Agent edge node and the container applications
    • Inside the container application itself

  • Enforcement:
    • Protects host and workloads running on it by enforcing either some predefined security policies or automatically generated least permissive security policies (using Discovery Engine)


Compliance & Reporting

AccuKnox delivers NIST, MITRE, CIS, and DISA compliance reports:

  • Get the continuous compliance summary for cloud resources and applications based on governance and standard framework such as –
    • CIS
    • MITRE
    • NIST
    • PCI-DSS
  • Get alerts when those compliance controls are violated
  • Get namespace based alerts and compliance summary

Policy as code


Embrace the Next Generation of Security with Policy-as-Code

  • Auto-recommended Policy-as-Code, a powerful framework that combines security policies and code to fortify your digital landscape
  • Enforce security best practices, detect vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance throughout your entire software development lifecycle
  • Customize curated Policies with a simple Policy Editor UI Tool

Zero Day Attack

Zero-Trust Posture

AccuKnox delivers Zero Trust security controls to thwart several attack vectors by preventing:

  • Backdoor fetch-store-exec operations from subverted process or embedded malicious logic
  • Unauthorized network Interface usage
  • Unauthorized file system manipulations
  • Prevents unauthorized process execution, termination, thread hijacking
  • Prevents unauthorized administrative functions and command invocations
  • Introduces strong identity management for all cross-container communications
  • Produces fine-grain app-level audits and alerts for all permission violations


In keeping with every organization’s goal to bridge the chasm between development, operations, and security, AccuKnox delivers all its capabilities in a DevSecOps model allowing organizations to innovate at the speed that their business calls for without adding disproportionate security and operations overhead




Deployment Options
Puplic Cloud
Private Cloud

Deployment Options

AccuKnox offers one of the most flexible deployment options: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Multi-Cloud. We have one of the most flexible architecture which allows us to offer a durable roadmap that covers Zero Trust Security for IoT/Edge and 5G workloads.



This depicts the integrations we support. This is an ever-expanding list it takes us 2-4 weeks to support a new platform.