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Use Cases

Zero Trust Runtime Security

Automated application hardening for cloud native applications.
AccuKnox automates the process of application hardening & firewalling to help you achieve Zero Trust/Least Privilege Security. Our unique application insights and automated policy discovery engines greatly simplify the work required to analyze applications and create effective security policies.

AccuKnox profiles and creates a baseline of policies by observing the application (and network) graph
AccuKnox observes interactions with the host operating system and other workloads
Based on these, AccuKnox generates Zero Trust security policies that are enforced by the Kernel using Kernel Primitives, like AppArmor, SELinux and SecComp

Security Observability

Get deep application insights into runtime behavior
Understand what your applications - including embedded dependencies - are doing.

Get visibility into process execution, forking, network and file access. Detect changes and risky behavior in dev, staging and production - in your software supply chain.

Security Observability

Network Segmentation & Firewalling

Easily orchestrate network segmentation & firewalling
Kubernetes pods and services in different namespaces can still communicate with each other unless additional separation is enforced. Manually configuring network and firewall policies is time-consuming and error prone.

AccuKnox automatically analyzes applications behavior and creates least privilege network policies to be implemented by existing, high-performance linux security modules. The network policies move as code with the application, greatly increasing the speed, control and confidence of DevSecOps teams.


Continuous Compliance

Assess & demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards like PCI & NIST
Implement policies in Audit mode to continuously monitor the workloads for deviations from NIST, PCI and other standards. Get high-value, actionable alerts for your SecOps team – or enforce Runtime Security and implement guard rails for risky behavior.

     continuued compliance

Anomaly Detection

Detect and protect against anomalous and malicious behavior, including policy drift, and “unknown unknowns”
AccuKnox implements Anomaly Detection using Variational Autoencoder (VAE) technology developed in partnership with SRI. This artificial neural network technology uses probabilistic graphical models and variational Bayesian methods. It has been tested successfully against a number of Zero Day threats like crypto jacking, HTTP flood attacks, etc.

     Anomaly detection

Vulnerability Scanning

Reduce the risk of critical vulnerabilities in your environment.
The NSA and CISA Kubernetes hardening guide recommends Scanning containers and Pods for vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. AccuKnox helps you identify known vulnerabilities in images and pods before they are released into production. Understand the risks and implement monitoring, image assurance and runtime security policies to protect them.

     nsa cisa

Advanced Cloud Workload Protection

Protect applications, data and the network.
AccuKnox provides a unified policy framework for protecting cloud workloads. It includes identity, application, data and network components that span kernel system calls up to layer 7 API access, giving DevSecOps teams extremely fine granularity over the guard rails that can be put in place – as well as the auditing specifications.

Protect applications, data and the network

Data Security

Identify and protect sensitive data in cloud workloads

AccuKnox Data Security tracks data access policy violations, tracks data provenance for S3 data sources and delivers data access audit and facilitates continuous compliance
AccuKnox discovers database workloads, identifies sensitive data, classifies them and creates policy rules based on sensitive tags and classes
Based on this AccuKnox applies policy compliance templates

     protect sensitive data


Multi-Cloud, Multi-Platform Security

Monitor and protect your workloads however and wherever they run: In Containers, Kubernetes, virtual machines, or bare metal. In private, public, hybrid cloud, edge or IoT, or even within 5G infrastructure.

AccuKnox develops API-first solutions with complete CLI and GUI support. These are available as SaaS or on-premises and support multiple platforms.

Platforms vary in specific features that are supported. Contact us to learn more about how AccuKnox can provide you with security observability and runtime protection.

Multi-Cloud, Multi-Platform Security