Driven By Values. Proven By Results.

We passionately subscribe to Management Guru, Peter Drucker’s words of wisdom “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. The following are our 10 core values

  • 1We are passionate about Customer Satisfaction. We are Customer Obsessed, we believe this goal trumps almost anything else we do.
  • 2We practice the Golden Rule – treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • 3We have an “All Remote” work model. While this does impose considerable organizational challenges, make up for it through over-communication. In addition, we leverage it to hire the best talent anywhere in the world.
  • 4We practice radical candor – we believe that is the best way to get to add value to each other and our stakeholders.
  • 5 We practice constant learning – we believe this is the only way to survive, thrive and add value to our clients.
  • 6We believe we are stronger as a team than as individuals and remind ourselves that there is NO “I” in Team or Customer or Success.
  • 7Our team members take ownership and strive to make an impact in everything we do. We act with purpose and urgency.
  • 8We debate, often disagree on key issues and strive to bring together diverse views and opinions, but once we decide, we commit to seeing through the execution. We believe A+ execution with a B- strategy trumps B- execution with an A+ strategy.
  • 9We focus on frugal innovation and execution so that we are fair to our stakeholders (customers, investors, and partners) and can deliver more value to them.
  • 10Customer Confidentiality is sacrosanct.