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Attacks on AI/LLM models are becoming a daily phenomena.


Attacks on AI/LLM models are becoming a daily phenomena. It is becoming increasingly clear that AI/LLM Models need to be governed and secured like any other Enterprise Asset (Cloud, Virtual Machines, Containers, Data, Network), etc. For a multitude of reasons this is a non-trivial problem. Leading researchers at NIST, MITRE, OWASP, RAND have elaborated on the issues and challenges involved; and have recommended best practices.

ModelKnox aims to extend our leadership in Zero Trust Cloud security and deliver AI/LLM model security. We hope to deliver the same set of rigorous, yet flexible Zero Trust framework for LLM Models (Visibility, Risk Assessment, Security and Governance).

This is a non-trivial problem to say the least, hence we are working with industry leaders like nVIDIA, Nutanix, and leading Global 1000 companies and Cloud Native unicorns. We are very pleased to receive amazing support from them. Here is a snapshot from a keynote presentation made by Nutanix CEO at their recent user conference in Barcelona [EU] and DC [US].


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We will be releasing the product in Q4 2024 and are accepting a few Beta, Early Access Customers who are interested in working with us in this very important but gnarly problem. Working together, we are confident that we can afford the industry the ability to leverage the benefits of AI, while doing it securely for businesses and individuals

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