Zero Trust Run-time Kubernetes Security

Identity-driven Security for Data, Kubernetes, and native VM workloads for Private and Public Clouds.

Our technology is anchored on seminal patented inventions in Container Security, Unsupervised learning, and Data Provenance developed at SRI International.



About Accuknox

SRI International is a world-renowned innovation powerhouse with a track record of path-breaking innovations in the field of Cybersecurity such as Intrusion Detection, Anomaly Detection, and more.

SRI had developed seminal technologies in the areas of Container Security, Data Provenance, and Unsupervised Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection.

Accuknox founders partnered with SRI to commercialize these offerings resulting in SRI Director of Computer Science Lab, Phil Porras joining the Accuknox founding team.

Architected and engineered as a Security platform

Why Accuknox

Based on seminal inventions in the areas of Container Security, Data Provenance, Unsupervised learning for Anomaly Detection from one of the top R&D labs in the world, SRI International

Leverages proven, high-performance, open source platforms like eBPF, Kubearmor, Cilium, SPIFFE, SPIRE, LSM.

AccuKnox core is offered as open source, allows you to leverage the best global intellect.

Developed in partnership with marquee Fortune 100 companies and Silicon Valley Cloud-Native leaders.


With AccuKnox Enterprises can

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Isolate and protect every kind of container workload with identity as a perimeter.

Track tainted data and enable data provenance in a container first world.

Enable networking and system-level restrictions over containers to easily comply with a wide variety of compliance needs.


What is AccuKnox?

  • Is a Cloud-Native platform built on open source, kernel-native open source technologies like Cilium eBPF, SPIFFE/SPIRE, OPA/Kyverno and Linux Security Modules.
  • Is based on fundamental R&D and patented innovations in Data Security, Container Security and Unsupervised Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection developed at SRI.
  • A high-performance runtime Zero Trust container security solution that protects Application, Network and Data.

Security built for Enterprise

Accuknox Cloud

Utilize our cloud-based Zero Trust platform for Kubernetes providing protection at the network, data, and systems layers.

Anomaly Detection

Use anomaly detection to monitor any data source including user logs, devices, networks, servers, and more.

Data Protection

Address emerging digital threats and prevent dangerous and costly data breaches.

Network Protection

Protect your network and minimize the level of risk for cyber-attacks and breaches.

System layer Protection

Take a holistic view of cyber defense. Account for a multitude of vectors by which modern malware is delivered.