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TAG Cyber Report by Dr. Edward Amoroso, on Understanding Runtime Cloud Workload Security with Inline Mitigation

How AccuKnox’ inline mitigation technique addresses modern threats to multi-cloud workloads as well as provides an excellent foundation for runtime security.

Despite ongoing efforts and investment in new cybersecurity products, there’s a greater need for innovation in the field. This is due to the persistent global cyber threats targeting businesses and governments. Unfortunately, many new solutions tend to replicate existing products, likely driven by profit motives. This report focuses on a new method known as inline mitigation which is deployed in the context of runtime cloud workload protection.

Powerful Zero Trust Approach to Cybersecurity – Key Points Covered by Dr. Edward Amoroso

  • Broad threats to multi-cloud workloads
  • More detailed threats to multi-cloud workloads
  • Mitigating threats to cloud
  • Benefits of runtime security
  • How inline mitigation works
  • Case study: AccuKnox inline mitigation
  • AccuKnox platform coverage
  • AccuKnox platform operation
  • AccuKnox architecture
  • Action plan

Get this detailed report by cybersecurity industry guru, Dr. Ed Amoroso, CEO, TAG, and explore the benefits of runtime security with inline mitigation for cloud-native workload protection. 

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