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Gen-AI Based
Cloud Security

Agentless multi cloud security to prevent advanced “Zero Day” attacks

  • Comprehensive Zero Trust CNAPP
  • Inline remediation as opposed to post-attack mitigation
  • Agentless CSPM + eBPF, LSM powered CWPP
  • Secures modernized (K8s) and traditional (VM) assets
  • Supports Public, Multi-Cloud, and Private Clouds (on prem)
  • Futureproof with support for IoT/Edge, 5G workloads

Deep Tech IP, 10+ Patents

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Know about the most critical risks in your cloud environment, and opportunities for remediation.


Deep visibility of cloud assets. Automated risk prioritization & remediation of vulnerabilities.


Improve your cloud security posture with actionable insights and remediation recommedations.

Inline Remediation as Opposed to Post-Attack Mitigation to prevent advanced attacks before they happen!

OpenCNAPP Zero Trust Security: Multi-layered Defense with Proactive Prevention from Zero Day Attacks

  • Auto-generate Zero Trust policies
  • Deep Visibility/Observability of Cloud Assets
  • Automated Risk Prioritization & Remediation of Vulnerabilities
  • Integration with EDR, SIEM, AppSec, SOAR, etc.
  • Full lifecycle container security management
  • Automated Continuous compliance & governance against CIS, PCI, NIST, MITRE
  • Secure Software Supply Chain through CI/CD integration in DevSecOps model
  • Application and Network Firewalling, Micro-segmentation and Kernel Hardening

OpenCNAPP Runtime Security Comparison (vs) Others

OpenCNAPP Runtime Security (vs) Others

Open Source Enterprise
Brand X Brand Y Brand Z
Design Approach Zero Trust Enforcement + Observability Observability + Add-on Enforcement Observability + Add-on Enforcement Observability + Add-on Enforcement
Enforcement Method Inline Mitigation Any LSM Post-execution Stop container Post-execution Kill Proc from user space Post-execution Kill Proc from kernel space
Reliability Stable. Only stops malicious actions. App keeps working. ⚠️ Potential service impact ⚠️ Potential service impact ⚠️ Potential service impact
Policy Creation Auto-discovered policies Auto-discovered policies ? manual rules