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AccuKnox (vs) CrowdStrike

Compelling Reasons to Choose AccuKnox over Crowdstrike

Unlike CrowdStrike, which lacks critical modules like Inline Prevention, AccuKnox offers a comprehensive Cloud Native Application Security Platform (CNAPP), that ensures 100% prevention from advanced "Zero-Day" attacks. Powered by inline runtime security, AccuKnox stops threats before they happen and takes action at cloud speed.


Industry Standard (eBPF) Based Kernel Telemetry

Inline Security (as opposed to post-attack mitigation)

Industry Standard (LSM) Based Security Enforcement

Operating System

Was built in cloud and supports wide range of technology & environments

Crowdstrike provides strong coverage for endpoints and Windows, but is limited for Linux.

On-Prem (Air Gapped), SaaS

Can Support all kinds of deployment : SaaS, On-Prem (Air-Gapped)

Does not support On-Prem

Software Supply Chain Security

Can get deployed as devsecops model to identity static code issues, open source dependencies, runtime behavioral change upon PR merge

Crowdstrike is not DevOps friendly . It lacks comprehensive posture and permissions management and vulnerability prioritization capabilities

Static Code Analysis

AccuKnox can detect static code issues foryour shift-left detect-early approach

Does not support

Software Composition Analysis

AccuKnox can detect dependencies in the open source and resources used to build it

Does not support

CI/CD Integration to Build cycle

AccuKnox can function well for entire software supply chain security and runtime security in CI/CD integration model of deployment

Just support runtime security as CI/CD Integration

CSPM - Cloud Security Posture Management

Vulnerability Management

AccuKnox can help to manage vulnerability from various security niche and then prioritize it based on CVSS, Environmental Risk and consumed logic at runtime.

Prioritize vulnerability using AI (which could be hallucinating) Uses Agent for scanning

Known Attacks Detection

Easily blocked as it falls beyond Zero Trust least permissive access policy

Will be hard to identify these attacks

Multi Cloud Inventory Assessment

Supported for AWS, GCP, Azure

Supported but with Limited coverage for Azure and GCP

Mis-configuration Detection for AWS, AZURE, GCP






Continuous Compliance



Baseline for Drift Detection

Support for Baseline definition and Drift from the baseline

Does not support

Tools integrations


Not Available

Registry support

Nexus, Docker Hub, Google Artifact, ECR,ACR, (10+)

Nexus, Docker Hub, Google Artifact, ECR ,ACR

Ticketing Integrations






CWPP (Cloud Workload Protection Platform)

Workload Observability

Detailed level of observability of not only files accessed, process executed and process that made network connections but also Sensitive Volume Mount points such as Secrets Manager

Gain visibility to file, process and network communication inside a container

Application Support

Support all kind of Modern workload and their associated infrastructure or traditional workload running in VMs or DC

K8s and GCP could be improved (Limited coverage overall)

Images Risk Assessment

Scans for Container Image Vulnerability and SBOMs for container Images

Scans for Container Image vulnerability

Vulnerability Scanning



Compliance & Reporting



CI/CD Integration

Supported CI/CD Integration for not only for Runtime, but also for SAST, DAST or IaC

Support only for runtime. Not for SAST, DAST, IaC

Vulnerability Management



Container Protection

AccuKnox can preempt attacks on the container before they can execute

Not supported

Drift Detection for Containers



Application Exposure

AccuKnox supports network graph behavior to understand how containers are inter-connected and exposed to the workloads

Does not Support

Auto Discovered Zero Trust Policy

Believes in proactive zero-day attack mitigation approach

Does not provide Zero Trust Policy. Only Authentication part is getting marketed as "ZTA". Follows the suite of Detect and check heuristic and then respond kind of model

Continuous Monitoring & Dynamic Policy Generation

Auto-Discovery of App Behavior Auto-Recommendation of Hardening (Security Best Practices) & Auto-generation of Zero Trust Policies

Can not support cloud monitoring and continuous compliance at runtime

Inline Remediation

Proactive and in-line mitigation before Zero-Day attack can take place

Detect and Respond Model

Network Micro segmentation


They detect IPs but do not support micro-segmentation

You cannot secure what you cannot see.

Your most sensitive information is stored on cloud and on premise infrastructure. Protect what is most important from cyber attacks. Real-time autonomous protection for your network's edges.

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Researching about CrowdStrike alternatives?

Evaluate how AccuKnox stands apart from CrowdStrike security based on key features, pros and cons. We have compiled a list of solutions that leading organizations compare while considering AccuKnox as a potential CrowdStrike alternative. While analyzing AccuKnox and CrowdStrike side by side you can differentiate competencies, integration, deployment, service, support, and specific product capabilities that will influence your purchasing decision.