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Gartner CNAPP Recommendations and AccuKnox Compliance Fulfillment

See how AccuKnox CNAPP solution aligns with Gartner’s guidelines

Gartner’s CNAPP recommendations guide enterprises in securing cloud-native apps, addressing challenges like dynamic nature, microservices design, and continuous deployment. This document showcases how AccuKnox fulfills these recommendations by prioritizing protection against threats and data breaches and industry compliance. Get this document to boost user and stakeholder confidence.

Key Points Covered in the Resource:

  • Review Gartner’s key recommendations, paying close attention to policy management, vulnerability management, compliance monitoring, and a strong security posture.
  • Gartner emphasizes additional suggestions to give market leaders next-level security. See what they are and which AccuKnox features are capable of meeting these recommendations.
  • Gartner advises using a single security solution rather than ten dispersed products. AccuKnox simplifies management while streamlining the protection of cloud workloads from security threats.
  • The dynamic nature, microservices architecture, and continuous deployment are all covered in Gartner’s recommendations for securing cloud-native applications.
  • AccuKnox’s cloud-native application provides robust security, drift detection, and eBPF enforcement while adhering to Gartner’s CNAPP guidelines.

AccuKnox’s CNAPP compliance matrix ticks off a significant portion of Gartner’s recommendations for CNAPP security and resilience. Get the document to see the full list of requirements and features.

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