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Zero Trust Container Protection for your Enterprise

An Exclusive Technical Report on How AccuKnox Protects an Enterprise Application with its Innovative CNAPP Solution

This technical report from SJULTRA analyzes how AccuKnox secures containers and Kubernetes in real-time to stop attacks before damage, setting itself apart from reactive alternatives. The purpose of this report is to educate you, the reader, in what a CNAPP (Cloud Native App Protection Platforms) is, what it can do for your enterprise, and what AccuKnox does better than its competitors.

What’s Inside This Technical Paper?

  • Overview of key capabilities of AccuKnoxCNAPP, integrating runtime protection, permissions management, and more
  • Detailed analysis of the open-source KubeArmor engine’s ability to enforce restrictions and prevent unauthorized changes
  • Step-by-step walkthrough demonstration of stopping access to a vault container’s sensitive mounted volumes
  • Insight into the various monitoring options for container processes, network connections, and file systems
  • How AccuKnox compares to the competitors in the crowded CNAPP market
  • Balanced discussion of pros like real-time prevention and cons like onboarding friction

Download this exclusive report today to get added advantage and insights on tips to lock down containers with AccuKnox Inline Zero Trust cloud security.

Download this Technical Report on AccuKnox by SJULTRA

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