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BASTION: A Security Enforcement Network Stack For Container Networks

Dynamic and Efficient Network Security Policy Management

In this paper, we dig into the domain of container networks, doing a detailed security analysis to highlight important vulnerabilities arising from the exposure of needless network activities by containerized apps. This paper covers the major ramifications of such difficulties and presents a novel solution: BASTION is a high-performance security enforcement network stack developed to improve the security of container networks.

What is Included In This Technical Paper:

  • Challenges faced by container networks when relying on the host OS network stack and virtual networking features for security policies
  • Highlights of five limitations in managing communications in container ecosystems using the Host OS network stack
  • BASTION is an innovative security enforcement network stack that extends container hosting platforms with an intelligent communication sandbox. Bastion introduces two essential services: a network visibility service and a traffic visibility service. Benefits include fine-grained network topology control, security policy specifications, traffic visibility, dynamic policy management, and performance improvement in container networks.
  • Assessment of container network security challenges using BASTION prototype.

This 15-page technical paper offers an in-depth understanding of BASTION, a powerful tool for enhancing container network security and performance. Download the full paper to embark on a game-changing journey in the world of container networking.

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