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Making Zero Trust Work | Secure Cloud-Native Environments with AccuKnox CNAPP

In this session, Rahul Jadhav, CTO @AccuKnox, discusses the challenges of implementing zero-trust security in cloud-native environments. He highlights the importance of policy engines and tools in enforcing zero-trust security, focusing on network and API access. AccuKnox’ advanced solutions, such as KubeArmor and K8TLS, help manage Kubernetes identities and entitlements, ensuring a unified identity system. The video also covers the difficulties of maintaining security in cloud-native configurations, emphasizing the need for continuous diagnostic and mitigation systems. AccuKnox’ technology enables users to switch programs to default audit mode during updates and ensures application hardening policies in block mode, selectively pushing workloads. The software provides early visibility into runtime behaviour changes and can be integrated into CI/CD pipelines.

00:00 – Introduction
01:50 – Challenges in Reaching Zero Trust
03:14 – Enforcing Zero Trust Dimensions
04:48 – Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation
06:09 – Mitigation Techniques in Zero Trust
07:31 – Policy Lifecycle and User Controls
09:10 – Conclusion and AccuKnox Solution