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SE-RAN [Security Enhanced Radio Access Network] – 5G Security

Explore the game-changing future of 5G networks with SE (security enhanced ) RAN, the ultimate security solution for dynamic, high-profile networks. Safeguard against sophisticated adversaries with this comprehensive and trusted platform that combines ORAN with open-source APIs. Developed for mission-critical wireless 5G networks by AccuKnox and SRI International Ohio, it’s a safety-driven, safety-proof solution that’s ready to transform mobile infrastructure. 5G network operators can now see live attacks/threats and respond. This is the ultimate transformative security framework for mobile and wireless networks.

With SE-RAN, 5G network operators gain live threat visibility and real-time response capabilities, ensuring unmatched security for their operations. This breakthrough platform, developed in collaboration with industry giants such as the Linux Foundation 5G, Google Nephio, and the 5G Open Innovation Lab, includes functioning prototypes like the 5G Spector, MobiFlow Auditor, and 5G KubeArmor.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to use SE-RAN to keep ahead of cyber threats and unlock the full potential of 5G networks! See how you benefit from the transformational power of this revolutionary security architecture—the foundation of next-generation connection and protection.