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Accuknox’s contribution to the CNCF Kubernetes Policy Management Guide was recognized

A detailed look into Kubernetes policy management for securing and automating Kubernetes clusters and workloads

The CNCF Kubernetes Policy Management Guide shares insights about Kubernetes policy management, highlighting its significance in bolstering the security and automation of Kubernetes clusters and workloads. This whitepaper is tailored for Kubernetes administrators, Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), and other professionals seeking to ensure compliance with organizational and regulatory standards for security, resiliency, and best practices.

This whitepaper is a useful resource from AccuKnox that guarantees reliability and compliance with laws in Kubernetes systems. With the help of contemporary policy management tools, businesses can thrive in a safe and compliant cloud-native ecosystem. We cover

  • Containers and Clusters: Emphasizing the security of Containers and Clusters, as well as the application code and 3rd-party dependencies within containers.
  • Policy Architecture: Understanding the vital components of policy architecture, including Policy Administration Point (PAP), Policy Enforcement Point (PEP), Policy Decision Point (PDP), and Policy Information Point (PIP).
  • Components of Kubernetes Security: All about Policy Mappings, Security Assurance, Threat Modelling, Security Assurance in the Delivery Pipeline, and Security Assurance at Runtime
  • Effective Policy Management Strategy: Outlining three guidelines for a comprehensive Kubernetes policy management strategy, involving Kubernetes policy objects, admission controls, and runtime detection and enforcement tools.
  • Enabling Security and Compliance: Harnessing the CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape’s Security and Compliance category to ease policy-based operations for enhanced security and compliance while maintaining developer agility and self-service

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