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Gen-AI Based
Cloud Security


Introducing Ask Ada – GenAI-Powered CNAPP Assistant for Cloud Security

Your Guide to Leveraging Generative AI for Unified Visibility, Accelerated Detection, and Simplified Administration

What’s Inside This Ebook?

  • Challenges of Fragmented Tools – A deep dive into how traditional solutions fail, create visibility gaps, and stall innovation
  • Unifying Visibility Across Teams – See how Ask Ada bridges visibility gaps between executives and technical staff
  • Simplify Administration with AI Assistance – Complete showcase featuring Ask Ada policy setting, remediation, compliance
  • Scaling Security Across Multi-Cloud – Walkthrough of Ask Ada’s elastic protection for complex hybrid/multi-cloud
  • Integrations for Unified Controls – Review flexible integrations with frameworks like CIS plus existing tools
  • Future of GenAI based Security Tooling – Ways in which Ask Ada empowers confident cloud adoption

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