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Secure Faster and Better with AccuKnox Inline Runtime Protection instead of Post-attack Mitigation

AccuKnox stops threats before damage is done. Our advanced runtime protection locks down Kubernetes and cloud threats while letting your applications thrive.

Post-attack mitigation is too little, too late and often flawed! Leave breached containers and stolen data behind by switching to AccuKnox Inline Runtime Protection. Our advanced runtime protection proactively shields Kubernetes to lock down vulnerabilities before the damage is dealt with. This “Inline Protection vs Post-attack Mitigation” ebook explores the AccuKnox features, combining preventative controls with threat monitoring and response. Technologies like eBPF and LSMs enable policies to take effect immediately without impacting performance. Learn how to lock down Kubernetes by design, not as an afterthought.  

What’s Inside The “Inline Runtime Protection vs Post-attack Mitigation” eBook?

  • Where Post-Attack Falls Short: How Post-attack security fails to close crucial vulnerabilities, enabling breaches to occur first and deal with the disastrous aftermath later.
  • The AccuKnox Difference: Learn how eBPF, LSMs, and technologies lock down Kubernetes attack surfaces inline pre-breach while still delivering needed application access.
  • In-Depth Capabilities: Discover not just workload analysis but granular runtime application hardening techniques, dynamic secret management hardening with HashiCorp integration, and other inline protections only AccuKnox uniquely provides.
  • Implementation Made Easy: Review AccuKnox unified dashboards and automated policy syncing for airtight, evolving security tuned to your dynamic Kubernetes applications.
  • Use Cases and Results: Real-world accounts detail examples like securing confidential workloads from insider threats while maintaining developer productivity and access requirements.

Kubernetes offers agility but also introduces new risks due to flaws in configurations and vulnerabilities, while traditional security struggles with its dynamic nature. Download this resource now to see AccuKnox inline runtime protection features in action to get unmatched control, protection, and visibility for your Kubernetes environments. 

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