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LLM attack vectors and associated breaches are being reported every day. The best and most succinct overview has been provided by Dr Andrej Karpathy who is quite a guru. If you have not done so, please be sure to check out his presentation (starting at 45:00 for 15 mins).

It has some amazing (rather scary) examples (Jailbreaking, Prompt injection, Data poisoning) of the importance of securing LLM models.

As Andrej has articulated well, the nature of LLM attacks include:

These are non-trivial problems and require highly creative and innovative solutions. We are planning to extend our leadership in Zero Trust Cloud to LLM Security. LLMs have immense potential but if there are not appropriately secured and hardened, it could have toxic consequences.

We are working with visionaries and early adopter clients and we are targeting a release in Q3 2024. If you would like to join our design partnership program please reach out to us.

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