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AccuKnox Partners with Brasec to Provide Comprehensive Cloud Security Services in Brazil and Latin America

CUPERTINO, CA – July 31, 2023 AccuKnox, Inc. announced a partnership with Brasec Ltda, an experienced reseller and provider of Managed Security Services (MSSP).AccuKnox® offers a comprehensive Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) solution. AccuKnox offers Zero Trust security for multi-cloud, private/public cloud environments. In line with CI/CD best practices, AccuKnox focuses on finding vulnerabilities early in the software development process. AccuKnox is a comprehensive solution offering cloud security, code verification, container security, API security, host security, network security, and Kubernetes orchestration security. AccuKnox is a major contributor to the Kubernetes runtime security solution, KubeArmor, which has been adopted by the CNCF and has achieved over 500,000 downloads.

AccuKnox, Zero Trust Enterprise CNAPP is anchored on KubeArmor and is an integrated Cloud Native Security platform that includes:

  • CSPM/KSPM (Cloud/Kubernetes Security Posture Management)
  • CWPP (Cloud Workload Protection Platform)
  • CIEM/KIEM (Cloud/Kubernetes Identity and Entitlement Management)

Brasec offers complete solutions that allow a real-time view of threats, vulnerabilities and changes in your local and cloud network. Brasec partners are leading Silicon Valley based innovators. Brasec’s key differentiators are:

  • Comprehensive visibility (Network, Vulnerabilities, Events)
  • Reduction of detection time
  • Facilitates compliance to comply with LGPD / GDPR / PCI laws
  • Allows you to proactively sanitize the network

MONITORING AND PROTECTING: Through P2D4 with high efficiency. Managing the entire lifecycle of vulnerabilities in your environment.

  • Protect: Update and implement layers of protection relevant to current and future threats.
  • Predict: Utilize artificial intelligence that predicts attacks at the time of their preparation, and protects the network before it is launched.
  • Detect: Event management, traffic monitoring and lateral movement, with alerts defined by level of criticality and security processes
  • Bypass: Deceive attackers, increasing resiliency, maximizing detection power and minimizing threat impact
  • Decide: Get accurate and fast information, allowing critical decision making.
  • Defeat: Using the right tools to achieve agility and effectiveness in responding to incidents.

“We are delighted to partner with Brasec. Their specialized expertise in cybersecurity, cloud security combined with the market coverage they offer in the Brazilian market is exactly what customers are looking for to effectively address current and emerging threats. and economic,” said Raj Panchapakesan, head of alliances and partnerships.

“In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, we need a very comprehensive yet flexible CNAPP solution as the foundation for our MSSP offering. AccuKnox’s powerful combination of CSPM and CWPP enables organizations to address both static and dynamic threats. technical and product superiority combined with their committed approach to partnership is exactly what we were looking for. We are delighted to partner with them and look forward to serving our customers,” said Júlio Assunção, CEO of Brasec.

AccuKnox Zero Trust CNAPP features include:

  • Agentless cloud security
  • Embedded Static (CSPM) and Runtime Security (CWPP)
  • Support for all public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle)
  • Support for local/private clouds (OpenShift, VMWare) and hybrid clouds
  • OpenSource, KubeArmor led, DevSecOps enabled
  • Automated prioritization of vulnerabilities
  • Support for modern workloads (orchestrated or non-orchestrated Kubernetes) and traditional workloads (virtual machine, bare metal)
  • Delivered in a developer-centric DevSecOps model, Left Shift Integration with multiple tools, providing flexible security through SOARCAST® (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response; Continuous Application Security Testing)

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About AccuKnox

AccuKnox® provides a Zero Trust Cloud Native Application Security (CNAPP) platform. AccuKnox is the lead contributor to the Kubernetes runtime security solution, KubeArmor®, a very popular CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) project that has achieved over 500,000 downloads. AccuKnox was developed in partnership with SRI (Stanford Research Institute) and is anchored in seminal inventions in the areas of Container Security

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