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AccuKnox Forges Partnership with IXEL S.A.S. to Provide Comprehensive Zero Trust Cloud Security Solutions in Europe, Announces Prestigious Client Win

Berkeley, CA, Sept 18, 2023 AccuKnox, Inc. announced a partnership with IXEL S.A.S. Secures prestigious Zero Trust Cloud Security win with esteemed European Defense CyberSecurity Agency. AccuKnox® offers a comprehensive Zero Trust Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) solution, delivering comprehensive “Build to Runtime” security. AccuKnox offers Zero Trust security for multi-cloud, private/public cloud environments and delivers In-line Security (as opposed to post-attack mitigation, the norm with most other offerings)

In line with CI/CD best practices, AccuKnox focuses on finding vulnerabilities early in the software development process. AccuKnox is a comprehensive solution offering cloud security, code verification, container security, API security, host security, network security, and Kubernetes orchestration security.

AccuKnox is a major contributor to the Kubernetes runtime security solution, KubeArmor, which has been adopted by the CNCF and has achieved over 500,000 downloads. AccuKnox, Zero Trust Enterprise CNAPP, is anchored on KubeArmor and is an integrated Cloud Native Security platform that includes:

  • CSPM/KSPM (Cloud/Kubernetes Security Posture Management)
  • CWPP (Cloud Workload Protection Platform)
  • CIEM/KIEM (Cloud/Kubernetes Identity and Entitlement Management)

IXEL was founded in 1985 in France with a vision to offer solutions in the areas of Intelligent Video processing system, Counter Terrorism, Security and Defense. IXEL has delivered solutions to leaders like THALES, DASSAULT SYSTEMES, GE Global Research, leading Governments, Ministries of Defense, National Security programs, etc.

IXEL is composed of leading technologists in France and Poland focused at delivering solutions in Cyber Security, Video Analytics, Traffic Management system, and CyberSecurity for Critical Infrastructures (power generation, airports, etc.).

“We are delighted to partner with IXEL. Their deep domain expertise in CyberSecurity and knowledge of different European market segments, combined with an impeccable track record of successful execution with prestigious customers, is precisely what we were looking for in our European partner,” said Nat Natraj, Co-Founder, CEO.

AccuKnox is one of the most comprehensive and modern Zero Trust Cloud Security platforms and offers the following highly differentiated features:

Extensive Agentless CSPM, LSM, eBPF Powered CWPP
OpenSource Anchored in KubeArmor, CNCF project, has achieved 500,000+ downloads
Versatile Secures modern (k8) and traditional (Virtual Machine) workloads
Flexible Supports Public, Hybrid and Private Cloud workloads
Effective Provides hardening against advanced “Zero Trust” attacks through In-line Security
Innovative 10+ patents, future proof solution with roadmap support for IoT/Edge, 5G

“AccuKnox’s powerful combination of CSPM and CWPP; OpenSource foundations; In-line Zero Trust Security; Support for Public and Private Clouds; and their dedication and commitment to partnership made them the ideal partner for us. Our client, a Large European CyberSecurity agency, was looking for a Zero Trust Security Solution that supports Private Cloud platforms. Our win is a clear testament to the value our clients see in this partnership. We look forward to many more successes ahead,” said Vladimir Nuta, Managing Director, IXEL SA.

AccuKnox Zero Trust CNAPP features include:

  • Agentless multi-cloud security
  • Embedded Static (CSPM) and Runtime Security (CWPP)
  • Inline Security (as opposed to post attack mitigation
  • Support for all public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle)
  • Support for local/private clouds (OpenShift, VMWare) and hybrid clouds
  • OpenSource, KubeArmor-led, DevSecOps enabled
  • Automated prioritization of vulnerabilities
  • Support for modern workloads (orchestrated or non-orchestrated Kubernetes) and traditional workloads (Virtual Machine, bare metal)
  • Delivered in a developer-centric DevSecOps model, Left Shift Integration with multiple tools, providing flexible security through SOARCAST® (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response; Continuous Application Security Testing)

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About AccuKnox
AccuKnox® provides a Zero Trust Cloud Native Application Security (CNAPP) platform. AccuKnox is the lead contributor to the Kubernetes runtime security solution, KubeArmor®, a very popular CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) project that has achieved over 500,000 downloads. AccuKnox was developed in partnership with SRI (Stanford Research Institute) and is anchored in seminal inventions in the areas of Container Security.

About IXEL
IXEL delivers CyberSecurity solutions in Cloud, Infrastructure, IoT and OT for leading Commercial Enterprises and Governments and Critical Infrastructure operators. IXEL partners with leading edge and best in class Software Platform providers to deliver these solutions.

AccuKnox, Inc.
Nat Natraj, co-founder, CEO [email protected]

Vladimir Nuta, Managing Director, [email protected]