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AccuKnox Client identity Demo

AccuKnox provides a strong Identity solution for its workloads. Using Client Identity, Accuknox has extended that support to even client/user identity. It would now be possible for Accuknox customers to put Authorization rules such that only certain clients/users would be allowed access to a service.

AccuKnox is a high-performance runtime Zero Trust container security solution that protects Application, Network and Data.

AccuKnox is a Cloud-Native platform built on open source technologies like Cilium eBPF, KubeArmor and SPIFFE/SPIRE.

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00:01:27 Architecture
00:02:57 Demo

Now you can protect your workloads in minutes using AccuKnox, it is available to protect your Kubernetes and other cloud workloads using Kernel Native Primitives such as AppArmor, SELinux, and eBPF.

Let us know if you are seeking additional guidance in planning your cloud security program.