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GigaOM Recommendations and AccuKnox CNAPP Compliance

This technical document discusses cloud observability and AccuKnox’s compliance with all of the GigaOM criteria. It emphasizes the significance of elements such as auto-remediation, self-healing, open connectivity, DevOps integration, and real AI technologies in improving the observability experience. To navigate the fast-changing cloud market, organizations must select the correct observability platform.

What’s Included Inside?

  • The difficulties in evaluating cloud observability using different cloud-only, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud techniques.
  • AccuKnox’s solutions to problems such as auto-remediation, self-healing, open connectivity, DevOps and CI/CD integration, and improvements in what-if analysis and stress testing.
  • Open integration, connectivity, and open telemetry address the cost of ownership problems.
  • Strengths of AccuKnox products’ versatility in serving both business and IT use cases, as well as the promise of cloud technologies.

You’ll know all about cloud observability with AccuKnox, a dependable solution for enterprises looking for maximum observability. Learn about all of the parameters that AccuKnox uses to comply with GigaOM’s guidelines for CNAPP industry leaders. We enable cloud-native startups and companies to make informed decisions and boldly embrace the future of observability.

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