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IDC Recommendations and AccuKnox CNAPP Compliance

Fulfilling IDC Recommendations as an Up and Coming CNAPP Leader

This technical paper highlights AccuKnox’s advanced cloud security capabilities. We cover all the ways in which we follow IDC standards and recommendations. As a trailblazing CNAPP, AccuKnox ensures a secure, cost-effective, and customer-responsive cloud environment.

What’s Included Inside?

  • All the ways in which AccuKnox streamlines application development and deployment.
  • IDC CloudSec recommendation criteria fulfillment matrix that matches stringent privacy regulations. This fulfillment checklist compares industry standards laid out by IDC and how AccuKnox CNAPP features map to it.
  • Real-time detection capabilities to mitigate security threats, ensuring cloud operations integrity and continuity.
  • IDC-backed core capabilities like hybrid visibility, resource optimization, and a stronghold of cloud infrastructure through real dashboard screengrabs.

Our whitepaper draws attention to AccuKnox’s core capabilities. These align with IDC’s Cloud Security standards. Thus, delivering a secure, optimized cloud environment. AccuKnox CNAPP to transform your cloud security strategy and drive your business forward

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