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KubeArmor Announces Amazon EKS Anywhere Support 

BERKELEY, CA – January 9, 2024 – KubeArmor, a Runtime Kubernetes security engine, proudly announces an enhanced integration with EKS-Anywhere support, the open-source solution from AWS empowering users to deploy managed Kubernetes clusters on their premises. This collaboration marks a pivotal milestone in extending robust security measures to Kubernetes deployments irrespective of the infrastructure, granting users the flexibility to utilize local resources with the security assurance of a managed service.

EKS-Anywhere’s innovative approach enables users to harness the power of managed Kubernetes clusters within their own environments, providing the flexibility and feasibility of local resources while maintaining the essence of a managed service. With KubeArmor’s fortified support within this orchestration, users can now confidently safeguard their Kubernetes workloads anywhere, ensuring a resilient security posture across diverse deployment landscapes.

AccuKnox understands the criticality of safeguarding Kubernetes environments in an evolving threat landscape,” remarked Brad Solar, CTO at Mainsail Industries. “Accuknox’s deepened collaboration with EKS-Anywhere underscores their commitment to providing top-tier security solutions tailored for modern cloud-native architectures. By integrating KubeArmor’s advanced security capabilities, users gain the assurance of protecting their Kubernetes clusters, regardless of where they’re deployed.

KubeArmor’s granular security policies, coupled with real-time threat detection mechanisms, seamlessly merge with EKS-Anywhere’s infrastructure, augmenting the security of Kubernetes clusters. This synergy empowers users to define precise access controls, implement restrictions, and detect anomalies promptly, ensuring swift responses to potential threats.

The alliance between KubeArmor and EKS-Anywhere signifies a pivotal step in fortifying Kubernetes security across a spectrum of deployment models, including hybrid and multi-cloud setups. This integration offers users a robust security layer, enabling them to leverage the benefits of EKS-Anywhere while ensuring the protection of their Kubernetes workloads.

For further information about KubeArmor’s integration with EKS-Anywhere and its suite of security solutions, please visit 

About KubeArmor:

KubeArmor specializes in providing comprehensive security solutions tailored for Kubernetes environments. With a focus on granular security policies and real-time threat detection, KubeArmor empowers organizations to protect their containerized applications across diverse deployment landscapes. For more information, visit KubeArmor

About AccuKnox
AccuKnox® provides a Zero Trust Cloud Native Application Security (CNAPP) platform. AccuKnox is the lead contributor to the Kubernetes runtime security solution, KubeArmor®, a very popular Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project that has achieved over 600,000 downloads. AccuKnox was developed in partnership with Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and is anchored in seminal inventions in the areas of Container Security. For more information, visit AccuKnox

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