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AccuKnox & Xcitium’s Preventive Cybersecurity for Enterprise Stability

by Atharva Shah | December 26, 2023

Our strategic partnership with Xcitium strengthens the zero-trust strategy of continuous operations and aims to offer simplified administration. Xcitium’s ZeroDwell provides real-time defense against invisible threats, while AccuKnox’s CNAPP Solution offers unified security.

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AccuKnox and Xcitium have joined forces to develop a cohesive cybersecurity defense plan. With its integration into its EDR, MDR, and XDR solutions, Xcitium’s ZeroDwell containment technology offers real-time defense against invisible threats. Xcitium’s products are integrated with AccuKnox’s CNAPP Solution for multi-cloud and hybrid IT settings. This results in a single security front that covers endpoints, networks, and cloud infrastructures. This alliance addresses the requirement for comprehensive security measures in remote and hybrid work modes. Protection, detection, and reaction are all included in a holistic security approach thanks to the technical prowess of Xcitium’s EDR and AccuKnox’s cloud-centric controls.

Opportunities and Market Challenges

According to Gartner, most industries are expected to adopt cloud platforms to facilitate business growth by 2023. This will result in a surge in global spending on end-user services, expected to reach $597.3 billion, a 21.7% increase. Potential threats and attack vectors increase as more services and users move to the cloud. Unfortunately, navigating the world of cybersecurity vendors can be overwhelming for customers. A unified platform tool should ideally deliver on threat visibility, proactive responses, and adaptability to on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures to combat uncertainty and harden security. However, these complex environments often result in false positives, privacy and compliance concerns, and scalability and performance issues when using multiple security tools at different stages.

With the help of Xcitium’s ZeroDwell technology, endpoint security is created in real-time by proactively thwarting cyberattacks. IT infrastructure security in distributed environments is enhanced by integrating AccuKnox CNAPP and Xcitium’s EDR technologies, which offer a comprehensive security solution for endpoints and cloud environments. Xcitium and AccuKnox work together to improve security controls, streamline security administration, and guarantee continuous operations. By offering uniform protection across various IT environments, this unified solution reduces the risks brought on by different work contexts in distributed IT infrastructures.  Our CNAPP is currently accessible and implemented in multiple partners’ production environments. Xcitium will explain how these tactics successfully neutralize endpoint threats and illustrate the usefulness of this cohesive defense approach in a range of situations.

Check out the full press release here.

AccuKnox & Xcitium’s Unified Defense Against Cyber Threats

Proactive Approach

  • Organizations today require a proactive security approach to safeguard their critical workloads from cyber threats. Xcitium and AccuKnox are two leading providers of enterprise-grade security solutions that offer unique features to help organizations stay ahead of the curve.
  • Xcitium’s patented ZeroDwell technology is designed to pre-empt attacks by instantly containing all unknown files and objects, denying attackers access at machine speed, and shielding real resources.
  • AccuKnox’s patented in-line remediation technology ensures preemptive mitigation of Zero Day attack vectors before they can affect your applications and mission-critical workloads.

Unified Security Stack 

  • Xcitium and AccuKnox present a unified security stack that eliminates the need for multiple siloed tools. 
  • Xcitium’s consolidated security tech stack and IT tools provide simplified security operations.
  • AccuKnox’s security offerings span from build to runtime and ensure a combined knowledge of multi-cloud misconfigurations and compliance posture.

Seamless Integration with Automation 

An automated approach towards security that helps organizations achieve Zero-Trust conformance and stay at Zero Trust in an agile environment. Organizations looking for cloud-native migration can seamlessly and effortlessly integrate cloud security from endpoints to the cloud, utilizing automation capability for a faster path to Zero Trust and remediation.

Zero Trust Approach

  • Xcitium and AccuKnox follow a Zero Trust approach where all unknowns are treated as guilty (default deny) until proven innocent, safeguarding against zero-day attacks. 
  • Xcitium and AccuKnox double down on whitelisting only what the app needs to run and restricting everything else (default deny) per the Zero Trust approach.

Comprehensive Security Stack 

Finally, Xcitium, paired with AccuKnox, delivers a security stack that includes integrated CNAPP | EDR | MDR | XDR services for multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, endpoint, web, and network security. This stack ensures that organizations have a complete security solution covering all IT infrastructure.

AccuKnox & Xcitium Synergy Explained

AccuKnox’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) covers all cloud-native application lifecycle security stages. With advanced security features encompassing static code analysis, real-time monitoring, and enforcement, application security is enforced at every development stage.  Designed to help organizations achieve the best security practices in multi-cloud environments, our CNAPP has granular policy-driven control, layered security, network graph visibility, and GRC services, enabling complete control over resources and workloads and ensuring security by complying with industry standards and regulations.

What distinguishes AccuKnox is its unique in-line mitigation technology that ensures bulletproof protection from Zero-Day attacks. This advanced technology provides continuous application protection, even if the attack bypasses initial defenses. Our automated Zero Trust approach equips users with a sophisticated and easy-to-use solution. It incorporates a single platform for operation and maintenance, making it easy to implement and manage.  With AccuKnox, cloud-native workloads and applications are protected from sophisticated attacks and can maintain an optimal security posture. 

AccuKnox Enterprise Architecture

Xcitium, as an XDR, provides complete coverage to all kinds of traditional and modern workloads such as enterprise-wide endpoints, cloud workloads, storage, web, and networks with deep visibility and threat detection followed by automated streamlined workflow. Xcitium offers MDR|XDR with 24/7/365 monitoring by elite SOC experts. ZeroDwell virtualization ensures that your system is never exposed or attacked and is considered guilty until proven innocent.

Secure Better Together – AccuKnox and Xcitium Use cases

  • Multi-cloud security with misconfigurations and Compliance conformance
  • Software supply chain security with Runtime Context Prioritization
  • End-to-end security for On-Prem air-gapped, devsecops, and SaaS model
  • Real-time Observability and Automated Zero-Trust Policy for least permissive behavior
  • Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation towards  MITRE, NIST, STIG, CIS, PCI, HIPAA, etc. compliance control
  • Guaranteed protection from Zero Day attacks and Container Forensics
  • End-to-End Enterprise Coverage: Xcitium provides enterprise-wide coverage of attack surfaces, reducing alert fatigue, slashing workloads, and ending big breach remediation budgets.
  • Managed SOC Expertise: Xcitium’s managed SOC experts operate and monitor security profiles 24/7/365, offering advanced Threat Hunting to harden environments against future threats.
  • Alert Fatigue Elimination: Provides high-definition alerting, ending the burden of excessive alerts from detection-first solutions.
  • Assured Compliance: Exceeds government mandates and advisories, ensuring compliance without additional costs.


AccuKnox is a comprehensive CNAPP platform that delivers complete software lifecycle development security from a devsecops mindset. It also helps to detect critical misconfigurations and compliance issues in multi-cloud with the most impacted assets, exposure, or vulnerabilities. While shift-left detect early approach is a good to have strategy, AccuKnox additionally helps you to thwart Zero Day attacks or vulnerabilities at runtime. AccuKnox can also provide a continuous compliance suite for STIG, MITRE, NIST, CIS, and others. AccuKnox and Xcitium both believe in preemptive action and a defense-in-depth approach.

Xcitium is an extensive cybersecurity platform that provides unparalleled protection against evolving cyber threats. Xcitium’s ZeroDwell technology is integrated with EDR, MDR, and XDR, transforming cybersecurity by preempting threats and ensuring a unified, streamlined, and proactive security approach. The ZeroDwell Containment Solution from Xcitium removes alert fatigue so that IT and SOC teams may concentrate on actual dangers rather than being inundated with notifications. With transparent performance outcomes, real-time visibility, and a distinct zero-trust architecture, it complements the AccuKnox ecosystem and zero-trust framework. Xcitium provides unmatched security against the constantly changing cyber threat scenario, guiding enterprises through the intricacies of the digital landscape.

Key Features and Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive CNAPP with a Differentiated Runtime Security
      • CSPM, CWPP, ASPM, KIEM & Continuous Monitoring & Forensics is supported 
  • Advanced Security for Workload on Containers/VM
      • Prevents (detects) backdoor fetch-store-exec operations from subverted process or embedded malicious logic
      • Prevents unauthorized network access, file system manipulations and process execution, termination, thread hijacking
      • Introduces strong identity management for all cross-container communications
      • Protects from all kinds of Zero-Day attacks through AccuKnox Zero-Trust Least permissive posture
  • Software Supply Chain Security
      • Vulnerability Management & Prioritization based on (SCA, SAST, DAST) shift-left security approach through integration into CI pipeline
  • Cloud Infrastructure Security
    • Detects Misconfigurations for Public/Private Clouds 
    • Drift Detection and compliance conformance for PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, CIS, etc. 
  • Exhaustive Security
    • Get wide security coverage for all modern infrastructure and workloads.
  • Greater Agility and Stability
    • Xcitium’s proactive approach ensures continuous protection and minimal business disruption, resulting in greater agility and stability for your organization. 
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    • You get sweeping security coverage with no incident response retainers or fees, reducing the total cost of ownership for your organization. 
  • Next-Gen Security
    • Uses real-time visibility and AI-based threat intelligence, providing innovative next-gen security. 
  • Transparent Performance
    • Xcitium publicly publishes historical performance metrics, providing transparency and trust. 
  • Unified Console and Platform 
    • Simplified operations and consolidated IT and security stacks, providing a unified console and platform. 
  • Instant Deployment
    • Xcitium offers instant deployment across the enterprise without downtime disruptions, saving time and resources. 
  • Uncompromising Protection
    • Over 6000+ customers have used Xcitium without breach incidents, making it an uncompromising protection solution. 

Expressing enthusiasm about the collaboration, Xcitium highlights the shared values that make AccuKnox an ideal partner. The potential of delivering an integrated solution that significantly benefits customers reinforces this partnership’s commitment to robust cybersecurity offerings. 

AccuKnox expresses delight at this joint solution that empowers customers to enhance protection across endpoints, cloud, and network applications. The focus is on addressing the dynamic threat landscape while delivering substantial technical and business value to Xcitium, its customers, and partners. 

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